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20 Oct

(Image taken from the Etched I2I blog.)

I ran into PR man Tony Ahn a few┬ánights ago while having dinner with a friend. Tony’s a pretty good PR person with a fairly unique perspective on marketing comms, so he gets invited to speak at things quite often. I know he was at the recently concluded IMMAP Summit, so I asked him about it.

“Oh yeah,” he said, “I live-Tweeted it.”

My face scrunched up. I don’t really like live-Tweeting. It’s one of the biggest reasons behind my decision to step away from Twitter. I think it’s remarkably snobbish, the equivalent of yelling out to anyone who’ll listen, “Here I am, and here’s something you won’t understand out of context, but I will because I’m here and cool.”

I explained this to Tony. He nodded and said, “I feel the same. I did something a bit different. I started calling out speakers who didn’t really do a good job.”

I laughed. “No,” he insisted. “I even pissed off one of the speakers. And another guy changed his talk for the second day. Maria Ressa called me out as the most influential Tweeter.”

He showed me the Storified Tweets. You know what, he was right. (He later sent me the link.)

Live-Tweeting like this, I can get behind.


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