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Pieces of the Puzzle

18 Sep

We had a MoMoManila session this week, and it was good, content-wise, if rather poorly attended. We’ve been facing a lot of challenges lately in putting them together. Between our split time commitments and other projects, MoMo gets put on the back burner a lot.

For all that they’re hard to put together, MoMo sessions are exhilarating. Being in a room with entrepreneurs, startup founders, developers and businessfolk from different industries is exciting. Especially when you can see synergy begin to work: the moment a startup founder finds an app developer with a solution to his problem, for instance. I was lucky enough this past MoMo to be present when two people whose work I admire greatly were introduced to one another – one, a shopper marketing expert, and the second, a developer-guru – and when they started to figure out how to work together.

Again and again, I’m reminded of this great talk by Steven Johnson about where good ideas come from.

Johnson makes a lot of great points in this video (plus it’s fun to watch!) about how bringing people together can spark new ideas and answer problems that staying in our comfortable silos can’t adequately address.

I wonder whose puzzle pieces I’m hanging onto, and who’s holding mine.

(MoMo this month was about mobility. We had Mario Berta of EasyTaxi and Laurence Cua of Uber talk about their services. In the audience were a couple of guys from the soon-to-launch Tripda and, MoMoManila regular Michael Ngo Dee of Tripid.)





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